Design bed linen

Our Fabrics

We use 100% cotton satin (sateen) as our fabric. It is perfect for our products because it is silky, comfortable, soft and easy to  maintain. It is believed that it is one of the best bedding materials.

Sateen is not the same as satin. Both are made of satin fabric – four weft yarns float over a warp yarn and then go under one warp yarn.  By definition, satin fabric is  made of silk, nylon or polyester. In contrast, sateen is always 100% cotton. Both have the same features – slightly shiny and dense on the surface, duller on the other side. This feature helps the blanket and pillow to stay inside the cover and pillowcase.

Since both large and small people sweat during sleep, fabrics that “breathe well” are particularly suitable for bedding. Sateenis one of them, it is comfy and breathes really well.

Our fabrics are originally produced in Italy, Poland and Pakistan. The Polish fabric factory is located in the Lodz region, which has been a traditional region of the Polish fabric industry for centuries. The fabric which is printed in Italy, originates from Pakistan, with thousands of years of tradition.  From there, the unprocessed raw fabric comes to Italy and goes through the process of fabric preparation, digital printing and finishing.

A little about the maintenance of our bedding. The sateen is easy care and it can be ironed like cotton. Also, can be washed at 60 degrees.

Our fabrics have received their pictures and patterns in digital print. We do digital printing in Poland and Italy, depending on the size of the product. The digital printing of our bedding, which has begun with the creation of talented designers, is ultimately very beautiful, it is resistant to many washing and ironing procedures and remains as beautiful as it is when you buy it.